About us

The nervous system carries electrical impulses – or action potentials – which control virtually every organ or function in our bodies. Bioelectronic medicine is an emerging therapeutic field which aims to control these electrical signals in nerves via minimally or non-invasive devices to treat a range of debilitating chronic diseases.

We are a fund dedicated to advancing bioelectronic medicines and are looking to invest in high-return opportunities in three areas:

  • Teams pursuing new indications for existing peripheral neurostimulation devices.

  • Teams developing novel bioelectronic technologies for established neuromodulation targets.

  • Advanced technologies that enable the future of targeted and minimally invasive bioelectronic medicines.

We are a small dedicated team that is backed by GlaxoSmithKline but remains firewalled from the company. We are able to lead investments into start-ups, are stage agnostic, seek no strategic rights and once invested behave like a traditional financial investor following on our investments and remain well-aligned with other institutional VCs around the board.